MAPS workshop 2

MAPS workshop 2

MAPS 2017 Workshop 2: Dragan ESPENSCHIED: Practical ways of using the tools Webrecorder and Emulation as a Service

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Software is “stuff unlike any other” (David Gelerntner), making it difficult to understand how to conserve it right. Metaphors from traditional preservation and archiving practices like records, files—even data and objects—don’t hold up against a reality of seemingly infinite complexity with fast-changing hardware, networks, operating system updates, and so forth. How can software-based art or even net art be preserved in such an environment?

Regarding computers as performers in “reenactments” and software being akin to a musical score that allows and even requires variability to be “authentic,” new kinds of workflows and preservation tools have been developed by Rhizome and together with research partners.

Dragan Espenschied will give an insight into how Rhizome’s position as a born-digital, even network-born arts institution has shaped its approach to art preservation, and in a workshop he will introduce practical ways of using the tools Webrecorder and Emulation as a Service.